Occasional Collaborators

Agnese Fantozzi | Photographer

Born in Italy, Agnese has showed particular interest in photography since early years. Her skills as a photographer has led her to work on several projects all over the world in search of inspiration. She has worked in Australia, Japan, Thailand, California and New York, where she also had some of her shots exhibited at the MOMA. She has also worked as set photographer for several directors in Italy.
Now based in London, she is capturing the impact music can have on the life of an artist… rebel as the artist is.

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Rebel Rebel Staff
Rebel Rebel Music Magazine was founded by Gessica Puglielli, counting in the names of several music enthusiasts, journalists and photographers. The magazine was founded in October 2013 and, despite being quite young, Gessica and her collaborators have already interviewed and/or reviewed several interesting artists mainly from the indie scene of rock, pop, jazz and soul. In the first 5 months from its online launch, Rebel Rebel Magazine scored over 30,000 visits and 20,000 unique visitors, with 15,000 Twitter followers and 5,000 Facebook likes. The main categories include interviews, live reviews, music reviews, live photography and album/show previews. Rebel Rebel is the result of years of passion for music and the experience Gessica gained during her years as collaborator of Michael Jackson’s staff MJJ Productions. Why the name? We think somehow music is an act of rebellion and a declaration of freedom, that’s why we define ourselves as "unconventional": we don't care whether an artist is popular or not, as long as it's good music. We’re not into celebrities, we’re into artists... and what better than the title of a song by one of the greatest artists ever?