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Album review: Marks to Prove It by The Maccabees


Released on the 31st July, Marks to Prove It is the fourth studio album from The Maccabees, the indie rock band from London. 

The album starts off with the title song, Marks to Prove It. This is a brilliant start to the album, the chorus is really catchy and has the classic Maccabees sound. It really gets you in the mood to hear the rest of the album. This song in no way eases you into the album like some first songs do. This plunges you right into the deep end and you will love it. It has a good rhythm to it and makes you feel at home in this new album. 

Kamakura has a slow start to it but the chorus makes up for it. This doesn’t start a streak of really strong songs to follow the first unfortunately, but for an album track it is still pretty good. And the lyrics are the songs saving grace, they really make you feel something during this song. 

I really like the third song on the track Ribbon Road, the drum beat has a faint Strokes esc relation to it but the overall song really reminds me of their previous single Pelican. The chorus is pretty spectacular in my opinion. It has an effortless flow to in and all the elements of the instrumentals and the vocals blend together perfectly.  

Spit It Out is the longest song on the album at 5 minutes, but the song goes so fast. It starts off slow but it starts to build up gets really good. It kind of reminds me of Muse in the quieter places, but then as soon as it gains momentum the classic Maccabees comes right out again. 

It is clear within this album that there is a theme, none of the songs really stand out as different from the rest. They all relate in some way. I think this shows that this album was really thought out well and songs weren’t just made and thrown in to make up the numbers for the album. I think the delay in the release of this album was a blessing in terms of the band having the time to make it right and having something that was really well done when the release of the album finally came. 

River Song starts off really relaxing, it has a kind of 50s feel to it. The lyrics hit us all with some cold hard truths but the instrumentals are very soft. I think this contrast really helps the song to not be too heavy. It can be easily listened too if you don’t want to concentrate on the lyrics too much. 

Overall I think that this is a very good album and I will definitely listening to it a lot. The Maccabees have stayed true to themselves, there aren’t any major changes and it’s still just as good as it was when they were just starting out, even better.

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