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Live review and photos: Andreya Triana at the Village Underground in London

Andreya Triana live in London - Photo copyright by Oscar Tornincasa for rebelrebelmusic.com

Right before the Easter Weekend singer songwriter Andreya Triana from South East London gave us a superb, soulful performance at the Village Underground. 5 years since her well received debut album “Lost Where I Belong”, Andreya returned with an even stronger, more sophisticated album “Giants”, in which most songs were showcased in the night.

Standing on stage in black and white striped suit, vivid red lips and high heels, Andreya appeared sharp and confident. There is no reason for her not to; having collaborated with Flying Lotus, Mr. Scruff and Bonobo in the past, Andreya’s talent is undeniable. The honest storytelling in her songs together with her distinct, strong feminine vocal are what makes her music powerful. Not intimidated by the noise from crowd at the bar area, Andreya just laughed it off, with her beloved sampler and string support she delivered us series of stunning new tracks. So often inspired by her personal experience and reflecting her attitude towards life, her songs are very rich in content, packed with deep emotions and wisdom; tracks like “Paperwalls” and “Giants” about overcoming difficult times, instantly grabbed audience by the heart. Another exceptional piece was “Everything You Never Had”, which Andreya dedicated to her mum. Bearing her heart in the lyric, it was an absolutely beautiful, heartfelt ballad. There were also some upbeat tracks such as “Keep Running” and “Gold”, of which the catchy tunes totally uplifted the mood in house, but what ultimately won the crowd was Andreya’s charisma that shined through in her songs. Her appreciation of life and the urge to seize the moment is truly inspirational.

Andreya Triana is no double in her best form ever, her forecoming album shows off what she is capable of and it is going to be a testament of her own as performer. Like the title of her latest single, Andreya herself is the gold in the local music scene, just waiting to claim her full recognition.

Download “Giants” here:

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