Anne Iredale
Anne is an experienced writer, published poet and proofreader from the UK. She is passionate about promoting new music whilst paying tribute to past greats. Her other passions are for films, books and art plus walking in the woods or on the beach.
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CD Review: Stealin’ Thunder by The Magic Lightnin’ Boys

Thirteen tracks make up the second album (released 6th May, 2016) from Ohio's rock/blues quartet, The Magic Lightnin' Boys. When bluesy/southern rock works well, it is, indeed, magical, The Black Keys being a prime example – also from Ohio. What do they put in the water in that state?! However, it's difficult to get the balance right between authentic blues and still sounding contemporary, and this band pulls it off with aplomb, even putting the odd surprise in here and there.
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CD Review: Insubordia PT II by The Lost Poets

Swedish duo, The Lost Poets like to deliver their mix of swampy blues, rock and metal behind a veil of mystery. A carefully created persona of studied elegance, with masked faces, top hats and suits, wanders in an imagined landscape, which they have named Insubordia. In this inner world that they inhabit, they declare that they are poets and they are lost. What they produce is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.
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