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Benjamin Clementine shares exciting new single ‘Jupiter’

The new single ‘Jupiter’, from Benjamin Clementine’s new release ‘I Tell A Fly’, sees the artist open up on the issues associated with moving to America.
On Jupiter we see Benjamin Clementine mix trip hop with RnB and blues to create a passionate and real take on the issues associated with modern day America. Clementine felt inspired to write Jupiter after seeing himself described as an ‘alien’ on a U.S. Visa.

He commented on the incident saying, ‘it’s a poke at people being called aliens by some people, like we’re from another planet. I think we’re all forever aliens’.

The song begins with a relaxed mellow beat over which Benjamin croons his way smoothly to the first chorus, where he passionately sings ‘wishing Americana happy, wishing Americana free’. The simple wish of happiness and freedom resonates in a similar way as the hopeful lyrics on John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ whilst of course maintaining Clementine’s individual style. As the song continues on we are treated to another heartfelt chorus before the uplifting outro guides the song to a gentle end on a note of hopefulness for the future.
Recorded at Damon Albarn’s Studio 13, Jupiter has a level of raw exposure that displays the emotion behind the track and is combined with crisp productions. With lyrics that feel honest and true the track resonates with emotion however coming in almost 20 seconds short of three minutes, you cannot help but feel like you want a little more from the song.

‘Jupiter’ is lifted from the Mercury Prize winner’s new release ‘I Tell A Fly’, due for release on September 15th. Benjamin Clementine will be on tour in Europe and the US from October to November 2017.

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