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Watch Bjork’s mind blowing 360-degree music video

The Bjork retrospective at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art approaches its final day, with the installation chronicling more than 20 years of Bjork’s work as a musician and visual artist, including projects related to her most recent album, Vulnicura and a 360-degree virtual reality music video for the album single “Stonemilker.” Now that video is finally up online, so you can watch it without trekking to the museum and strapping on an Oculus Rift headset.

You have to interact with the video to get the full 360-degree experience. When it opens, Bjork is standing on a rocky shoreline, swaying to the song’s delicate sadness. Then, she moves off screen. You can shift your view to follow Bjork’s movements, or do nothing and continue gazing at the sun setting on the horizon. Either way, it’s a spectacular experience that once again proves the Scandinavian singer’s interest in bringing new technologies into pop music.