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The Burning Hell live @ The Gallery Cafe in London

The Burning Hell live photos by Antonio Lucà

On Sunday 6th April The Burning Hell took over The Gallery Cafe stage for a sold out gig.

This Canadian band with an international cult following is the brainchild of frontman, Mathias Kom, who has been described as, “Randy Newman and Cole Porter rolled into one, with one eye on the coming apocalypse and another on the neck of his ukulele.” He leads his fluctuating group of bandmates through upbeat, folky songs that are both clever and humourous.

Pauline Godfrey attended Sunday’s show and had this to say: “How to describe The Burning Hell?  A wordy rock band with clarinet and horns, or should it be pop? It’s hard to do them justice with a description of the sound; the real skill is in the song-writing.

I first heard Amateur Rappers on Marc Riley’s show on 6Music a few weeks ago and have listened to the albums People and Flux Capacitor a lot recently. The songs are funny and moving and clever; Mathias and Ariel did an amazing job of delivering them with just a guitar and clarinet at The Gallery Cafe gig.

There was a lot of love at the Gallery Cafe for The Burning Hell (which is a simple, well-run, friendly venue with good sound).

We laughed at their jokes, we applauded their harmonies, and I suspect they’ll be getting a very warm welcome when they return to London with the full band in September. I’d advise anyone who likes live music, charming beardy men, and songs with a story, to get themselves a ticket!”

Sarah Lambert
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