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CD Pre Review: IV by Toundra


TOUNDRA a post-metal band out of Madrid, Spain are set to release their studio album ‘IV’ on January 26th. Formed in 2007, the past 8 years have been spent developing a more mature, broader sound.
Purely instrumental ‘IV’ favours loud guitars, crashing cymbals and bass to tell it’s journey of two foxes trying to escape from the forest where they live because of a huge fire. A metaphor for how the band feels towards humanity destroying the environment and how dangerous humans can be, it can come across as intense at times.
A blending of post metal, ambient, and experimental, ‘IV’ does well at creating an energetic, atmospheric album that could easily be used as a backdrop to montages of fast-paced fight scenes, or dramatic, life altering twists. It’s this combination of sounds that will allow them to reach their most diverse audience to date and help prevent them from becoming stuck within certain labels or categories.
‘IV’ is a solid album all around and worth a listen. With it’s release, Toundra will be touring exhaustively in support of ‘IV’ with a 5 week-long tour in Europe, starting in February 2015. I’d suggest catching them live for a more compressive experience.

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