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CD Preview: The Great Divide by Enchant


San Francisco Bay Area, California prog-rockers Enchant are set to release their eighth studio album ‘The Great Divide’, at the end of September, their first album in over 10 years.
In Europe, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of “The Great Divide” as either a CD or digital download, and you can listen to a teaser trailer of the new album by heading over to their website:
The whole album has a very theatrical vibe, the tracks generally range from 7 1/2 to a full 8:00 mins, making the sound big and expansive. Packed full of harmonies, layers, keys and lengthy, intricate guitar solos by Doug Ott, I could see this album being a pretty good musical accompaniment to a Broadway production.


Vocally, lead singer Ted Leonard has a mature sound, which comes with age and practice, he loves to stretch out and show off those vocals as evidence on title track ‘The Great Divide” and on “Within An Inch”.
If you’ve been fan since the 80’s then you’ll probably be able to pinpoint some of their earlier influences snuck in here and there, and if you’ve never heard of them but love yourself some hard, pull all the punches prog-rock then this album is for you.


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