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Cd Review: 48:13 by Kasabian


With a collage of sounds, a FATM reference (My boy builds coffins and what the water gave me) Kasabian opens 48:13. A no bullshit destroyer of civilisations, Shiva ushers in the facts: as described by the great historian Toynbee destruction brings creation and the Bumblebee´s buzz is heard, the sloppy drums beat the message home: ¨When we´re together is I´m in ecstasy¨ like the slickest game all you got to do is be ready for action.

A sudden fade out, enter the master cello march and ask Stevie ¨where are you going with that gun, who you wanna shoot down?¨echoing of Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe and Nirvana´s ¨I don´t have a gun¨ oh you unarmed population, you ¨have been watching too much tv¨ and now historical memory is lost. ¨Take your medication, it numbs you to the world¨ evokes The Thomas Szasz intuition, while the outcasts that live to ¨fight another day¨ live to fight again. The crescendo ironically resounds of Placebo but I want to see the fire in your eyes.

Decadence greets us and as mortis wails through a tunnel we are not quite prepared for the sudden upbeat of doomsday. What you see is what you get. Dreamy, dizzy and ska-stastic, the lead stretches, scratches and fades with tones reminiscent of the Legendary RCHP jam at Slane castle.

If you want to witness what goes behind the curtain, press play and listen, treat yourself to ¨treat¨ the sampled synth found midsong illustrates and reminds us of teenage wasteland: how could you ditch me in the state I´m in? he is just as cracked as you.

A pillar of sounds, a stack of tracks, 48:13, like any work of worthy art allows itself to be interpreted… in a pink background then glass is cracked open and as pandora´s box unfolds we hear: ¨We are born with wings but never taught to fly¨ The false principle of our education by Max Stirner has seldom been so busted to a beat this decade, (the looking) ¨glass¨ stands out as the hymn of this gestalt: ¨We´re stressed and high, get depressed and die, but still afraid to question why, when the biggest criminals I ever met wore a suit and tie¨

Atlantic in spirit like medieval Iceland or Ireland (or The Faroes´ Orka) this release is bound to have a sweet spot and audience across the pond, where in New Hampshire the motto and the zeitgeist of the FSP, are captured in ¨explodes:¨ ¨You would rather die on your feet that live and life on your knees¨. Eez-eh is the one surprise track in its having been picked as single due to its relative weakness to the rest of the album. As if to bluff on a great hand 48 then closes with a bow and S.P.S: Even though I know it´s wrong, it´s time for us to get back home.

There´s a reason why Kasabian´s 48:13 is number one. June 2014. UK. Ok. That´s that.


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