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CD Review: Break The Silence by Staring Out The Sun


Hailing from London, the four members of Staring Out The Sun, as their band name implies, play the kind of defiant music that has long blasted from Britain’s shores. Their old-school rock delivers verses and sway-along choruses, the type of music which is a visceral experience usually best delivered through live performances rather than recordings.
This debut record is a four-track EP. From a song writing point of view, there is nothing remarkable in the compositions on “Break The Silence” (released 16th, February 2015), but the execution is tight and musically satisfying from both guitars and percussion. Co-producer, Matt Hyde has an impressive CV having worked with No Doubt, Cypress Hill, Sum 41 and Slipknot.
“Trust No One” kicks off with driving rock. Alex Alvarado, on drums, keeps everything together through the frequent tempo and key changes. “YMEE” is more hard-hitting rock. Didn’t really understand the lyrics. “Secrets” is the obvious commercial choice for the first single release. More direct than the previous two, its chorus really hooks you in. If you want to see them in action, the official video for this song shows the band playing, interspersed with a two-man chase through London streets, against a backdrop of famous landmarks.
But my favourite track is “Anaesthesia”, a less frantic, more arresting and more original song, both musically and lyrically. It would be interesting to see them go in this direction more on future releases. I am left wondering how the story ends…”Said I’m sorry, sorry your heartbeat’s racing, staring at the light, aware that you’re not breathing…”
Of course, catching them live demands rocking out, and that’s probably what they want their primary reputation to be. However, they have proved, with the final track that they can be sensitive as well as pack a punch.

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