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CD Review: Dark Copper 7 by Dominic O’Neill


The debut album by the singer from Belfast was released on 21st July. A soft folky feel is reminiscent of an Adam Green album, but he provides more of a fable in his songs that brings across a story that keeps you engaged while listening.
The first song “Caroline” is a nice slow start that provides the basis for the theme of the album. It lays the ground work and gets you into the folky feel of the genre. It does start to get a bit monotonous but it is a fairly short song so you get past it quick.
Although this album has an obvious theme, the songs tend to blur together a bit. You can’t really tell the difference between the songs you’re hearing. But it also feel like rather than making these songs stand out the singer has concentrated more on the lyrics and the story he wants to tell rather that getting your attention with really ‘out there’ sounds. The smooth country – folk sounds are nice to listen to and although there isn’t anything punchy in the tracks they have a serenity that is welcoming and relaxing.
“Copper” reminds me more of a 60s song, it has harmonies that are dragged out in a way that reminds me of the Beatles. But again this is a short song and it felt to be that there wasn’t enough time for the song to develop.
Most of the songs in this album are short and the whole feel of the tracks sound compressed like they are little snippets of the singers life like flashbacks. For me this gives the album more of a personal touch and a bit more feeling.
Overall I would say that this is a fairly pleasant album, it doesn’t have the fast pace of some folk songs but it does create a nice atmosphere.


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