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Mark Storey

Hi my name is Mark Storey and it all started for me the very second I saw Alice Cooper doing Schools Out on the now defunct Top of the Pops…I was hooked on Rock n Roll especially the down n dirty Detroit Rock that was so prolific in the 70′s. I worked as a journalist in the 80′s for a fortnightly publication called “Music” where I reviewed and interviewed a lot of my heroes..Ted Nugent, Mitch Ryder, Brian May, Ian Anderson and it was good fun!!! These days I’m in 2 bands, M.S.P. an original Rock band where I am working with a guitarist and drummer who live in Indonesia and our debut album is due for completion very soon and I also sing and play Blues Harp in a covers band One Night Stand who gig regularly. Rock music has been my life and still is, it’s got me through good times and bad and never fails to fire me up…as long as it’s good that is!!! LOL!!! Pleased to meet ya!!!

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