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CD Review: IX by And You Will Know Us by the Trail Of Dead


Trail of Dead is an American alternative rock band that formed in 1994. Their most recent album IX was released on 20th October 2014 and is the band’s 9th studio album.

This most recent album still has the alternative rock theme; their sound hasn’t developed into a new more expanded genre like a lot of bands so. The further along their albums they go they add more experimental element and their debut’s seem foreign to the current album. However IX still has a strong sense of rock. It seems to be more instrumental, with the lyrics being few and far between in certain songs, this isn’t a bad thing as it’s nice to be able to appreciate the instruments being played during a song without being distracted by the lyrics.

The songs in this album are fairly slow; they lack any emphasis and just trudge through without really leaving any impact after the song is over. However, the songs aren’t boring, they sound good and are nice to listen to and have on while doing other things, but there aren’t any songs that I would reach too personally as something to listen to. They don’t reach me on a level that makes me think that what I’m listening to is a really good song.

As an album I think that all the songs relate to each other, none of them are out of place and none feel like they were just chucked in to fill the song count. They all sound carefully considered and earned their place on the album. However they don’t set anything on fire. This differs to the actual album art which is so complex and interesting that the actual songs are a bit of a let down to build up shown as the album and sleeve.

Overall this album was slow and didn’t really leave me reaching for more when it was over; I think that if I were to listen to this band again I would definitely listen to their early stuff first and not base the band on this album.


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