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CD Review: Lost At Sea by The Reads


After buying The Reads last release “Lost at sea”, I would suggest you to rent a roadster and take some time to enjoy this wonderful album. Never mind if it is springtime, summertime or autumn: just put your sunglasses on and drive all along the coast. The first two songs “Drowned” and “Lost at sea” will strengthen your idea and help you not to care about the city bumps and traffic while you get out of downtown. Then, when “Scarlet” kicks in, you will enjoy the wind in your hair (if you have some) and the sparkling breeze of the countryside. The classical guitars, the cheesy organs and the little electronics in “High taid” and “Haunted” will give you the perfect timing to slow down a little, find the right spot, get out of the car and stare at some places you never noticed before. After you have smoked your quick cigarette, restart your engine and enjoy the sunset while the somehow-funky “Love or beloved” plays. Note: this is the track where you’ll fully understand how these guys have really worked well with their producer Jim Spencer to get something experimental yet radio-friendly.

Your journey is coming to and end and “Shnitzler”, the only song with female vocals that might remind you of Morcheeba and Massive Attack, is just perfect to turn your highlights on. As I personally don’t like long albums, this it the point where I would have preferred it to end, but anyway this fits perfectly with the driving fatigue, by some means. So the last two Coldplay-ish “Shifting sands” and “Spitting feathers” will let you understand that your destination is 10 minutes away: you finally have reached your girlfriend’s home. Now it’s time to open a bottle of good red wine and tell her: “Darling, I’ve just listened to a fantastic album. I really want you to listen to it right now, while I cook you a nice dinner.” If you catch her watching tv meaning that she finds this album boring, you really should start thinking to break up.


Cotgark has started his journey through space and time years ago and he doesn’t know his destination yet nor when all this will come to an end. This kind of travel, as you may imagine, may become quite boring after a while. That’s why he usually spends most of his time in a bathtub listening to music, which easily makes him more bored.