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CD Review: Sattyg by Kaipa


Kaipa who released their first album in 1975 and are considered one of sweden’s best symphonic prog bands have just released their 12th studio album ‘Sattyg‘.
Largely instrumental, Sattyg is a mixture of 70’s folk rock with a dominant classical music influence. Staying true to their roots, ‘Sattyg’ features drums and guitar, with surprise elements of violin, recorders and whistles. The best way I can describe it, would be to think of it as a dream like state, at times it soft, gentle and dreamy, other times loud, harsh and frenetic. With song titles such as ‘ World Of The Void’ and ‘A Sky Full Of Painters’ it’s safe to say that Kaipa is trying to create a spiritual dream world full of wonder and magic.
Filled with emotion and lingering melodic waves, this 7 song album is meant for those unique individuals who think outside the box, featuring odd time signatures and opposing sounds ‘Sattyg’ is for those who seek something very specific and quirky. This is music for a long unpredictable expedition, a life changing event, a story, a journey.
If you’re willing to expand your musical knowledge and absorb yourself into something off the beaten path then Kaipa’s ‘Sattyg’ is yours to discover.


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