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CD Review: Supermodel by Foster The People


Four years after their debut “Torches”. Foster The People have released a second album entitled Supermodel. Releasing a second album is always a nerve racking experience for artists as they want the success of their debut while still having enough differences as to not remain “samey”. Foster The People’s initial indie pop and catchy tunes are not lost in this second album, but there is an added psychedelia which makes the album very fun and interesting to listen to.
Their first single from the album “Coming Of Age” is the most mainstream sounding song from the album. Which is why I think they chose it to be a single, it is catchy and it isn’t so far out there that it makes it easy listening and radio friendly.
Their second single “Best Friend” is also very catchy and uplifting. Mark Foster’s vocals are so good and the way he connects with the instruments just adds to the feeling in the song, they blend so well together that you can just close your eyes and get absorbed by the music.
As for the album tracks, there are some very good songs. “Are You What You Want To Be?” could have been easily found on “Torches”. I love that even after four years they still haven’t lost their original sound. They know who they want to be and they are sticking to it. Its a great first song to the album and immediately gets you into the FTP mood. It reminds us why we love this band so much. And that is good music.
However, I don’t really understand the point of “The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones”. It feels like a filler to me and nothing other than an introduction to “Best Friend”. I don’t really think it adds anything to the album.
“The Truth” is one of my favourites, this is one of the more slightly psychedelic variations to the album, where the chorus really lifts you up as Mark Foster’s vocals get higher and then it drags you back down as he gets lower. The song really is like being on a roller coaster of awesome.
“Fire Escape” is such a nice way to end the album, its like the end of a yoga session where you can just slow down and regain your energy, like a lullaby to return you back to the world.
I really like the theme of this album. The cover showing the supermodel being supported by a creature which holds her gold, while she can hardly lift her head and being battered by paparazzi. I think it shows a good message of how much she is strained, but at the same time this was her choice and she has all this money and success. I wish I had to chemical knowledge to understand the symbols and decode this album cover further.
Overall, I think that this is a very good album and the four year gap has made sure that none of the songs were rushed. As a second album, I feel that it has remained true to the band while adding subtle differences to keep it interesting. It’s a very good listen and it has enough catchy songs that it can be enjoyed by anyone, despite their taste in music.


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