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CD Pre-Review: The Futures Mine To Make by The Pavilions


The Pavillions is a 5-piece band from the Wirral, based in Liverpool. Their new album, “The Futures Mine To Make” is scheduled for release on 11th, August. Musicianship is of a high standard from members, Tezz Roberts (Vocals), Ryan Cooper (Guitar/Vocals), Tel Earthey (Drums), Matty Daley (Bass), and Alexander Headen (Guitar). Described as “post-hardcore” and “alternative rock”, it’s a bit more complicated than that. In fact, it’s hard to decide which target audience this is really aimed at.

Vocalist Tezz Roberts is impressive in his ability to embrace different styles, and his voice is true quality. As for guitar work and percussion, they are impressive too and manoeuvre effortlessly through different niches. Aside from some really good moments, however, it doesn’t make up for the lack of memorable songs for me.

Perhaps they can’t make up their minds who they want to be or they actually prefer to walk through many doors. For the opening track, “A Stitch In Time” is fast-paced teeny pop. “Fallen Hero” has an r&b vocal with some heavy guitar. “Futures” starts catchy and slow before speeding up. Throughout the album, some nice delicacies make way for a determination to be heavy. I wanted those quieter passages to last longer.

They’re nothing if not optimistic. “Believe that you can rule the world” is the sentiment expressed in “Intrinsic Symphony”. But “I like the challenge of making girls fall in love” from “Movement” sounds coldly calculating.

Metal is another ingredient, as in “Moron Mountain (Feat. Charlie Bass)” and “Doing A Jamie Lee”, which has complicated changes of tempo. Making it complicated is more their philosophy than ‘less is more’. Some songs get a bit messy for me; certainly, some seem too complicated for radio airplay.

If the song writing went up a notch and balance was restored between allowing a sweet melody to flow and fast and furious to rule, these guys could hit the next level in their future.


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Anne Iredale
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