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CD Single Review: Sundown by Aubergine Machine


Aubergine Machine, a collaboration based in South Florida, released their third single this year in October, with a definite concept in mind. “Sundown” is the work of Ian Carey, a very successful producer and DJ, and vocalist Shanti Ellis. “We decided to make a new electronic sound that feels warm and breezy; kind of like a dub record, but with a little trap influence to make it slightly urban”. Carey’s DJ career has included working with superstar acts such as Faithless and Basement Jaxx.

Aubergine Machine’s other aim was to show a different side to South Florida, away from the ubiquitous images of the Miami lifestyle. When it came to filming their own promotional video, they explained, “We like to go inland and just be in nature; it’s very inspiring”. Capturing what the area offers when the tropical rainy season is over, the accompanying video shows a scenic green landscape and conjures up a party atmosphere with an after-dark bonfire.

“Sundown” sounds fresh and feel-good and does inevitably make you think of summer. Its rhythmic percussion, pleasing harmonies and very catchy tune is increasingly infectious on each play, so it’s made to fill a dance floor – or a beach.

If mainstream electropop with sophisticated production is your thing, you will probably want to add this to your playlist, especially to soundtrack next year’s summer shenanigans.

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