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EP Review: Imagination by The Como Brothers


You can’t beat brotherly harmonising, and in that tradition, The Como Brothers channel their upbringing, spent listening to classic rock, RnB and pop and growing up with their musician dad. Andrew (guitar/vocals) and Matt (bass/vocals) Como write their own songs whilst also having fun with cover versions. This six-track EP, “Imagination” (released 10th August, 2015) is their fourth release, helped to fruition by some impressive collaborators.

The bros say they’re influenced by John Mayer, and Andrew’s vocals, in particular, do reflect his style. Assembled for this record, Matt and Andrew are joined by Steve Jordan (drums), a member of the John Mayer Trio and who played on the hit “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, and Andy Burton (keyboards) of the John Mayer Band. To top it off, their producer on this is Grammy Award-winning Graham Marsh (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green).

Another John Mayer connection is the boys’ choice of bonus track, Bold As Love [LIVE Jimi Hendrix Cover / Partial], which Mayer has also covered. This is an unexpected, but welcome, addition with Andrew’s soulful lead vocal, good drums and bass, and complete with excellent Hendrix-like guitar solo. It is my favourite track, but then I am a die-hard rock fiend.

Matt and Andrew share lead vocal duties. Andrew’s voice stands out as the bluesy one, suited to the more RnB “Tell You I’m Fine”. Matt sings lead on the more pop and catchy single, “Good Enough For Me”, and also on “Chemicals” and “Make My Heart Move”. Title track, “Imagination” is the turn of Andrew, with shades of an early rock’n’roll ballad.

You can hear the Long Island duo having a good time on this record. Their music has been used on various U.S. TV shows, they get out on the American college circuit, and their interviews show they are having a ball. This is straight arrow music if you feel like just having a little fun.

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