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EP Review: Tourist Attractions

Indie Lancashire band Tourist Attractions are set to release another Ep at the end of May. They have released two singles so far that are due to be on the album. The first “The Fear” was released in October 2014 and it is still up there with the standard of the other songs from their previous and debut Ep. What is great about this band in my opinion is the stories and messages they manage to get across within their songs. “The Fear” is no exception, when I first listened to it I thought of someone who was desperately trying to find themselves, yet are lacking the courage to actually do what they say, they feel trapped in their own fear. But songs are subjective and what is great about them is that everyone can have a different experience. “The Fear” also debuted their first music video which was a series of cleverly put together clips from an old film. It really put the song across well and emphasised the emotion and feeling of the track.
Tourist Attraction’s second single “Black and Gold” was released this month and it is like a sequel to “The Fear” for me. However it still has the musical charm that was seen in their debut. Dan’s voice is so melodic in this song, he carries you through the song in blissful ease. This song is yet again, brilliant. It once again produces those little feelings you get when you know you’re listening to a good song. It’s so enjoyable. It still includes snippets of the energetic tracks from their debut but has the emotion to really tell you what’s going on within the song.
As well as their singles, Tourist Attractions have been doing many live shows and tours, expanding their exposure on BBC introducing radio where they performed a live slot, as well as performing at Reading and Leads as a support coming up in the future. This is well deserved as it is clear how hard they work and how much they love what they do and this is clearly displayed in their songs.
Their success is well deserved and I hope that they will continue to grow and perform on bigger stages so that more and more people can hear their music. From what I’ve heard so far of their new material it seem their new Ep will be just as good as their previous.


Melissa Evans
I am a Welsh student who loves music, reading and tea. My favourite genre of music is Indie and I love finding new bands to listen to, especially ones who may have only release demos so far. I can also happily sit down to a John Green book with tea in hand and not move all day.