Female Power at the Ritzy: Giddy Aunts Giddy Up Again Review

Photo by Harriet Ball


Like Ayn Rand would say, “the question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”… which triggers another question: why are women all over the world still being stopped from shining as they should? As rhetorical as this question might sound, if we consider the gap between the recognition of women and men in all industries, entertainment above all, it is an issue that still needs to be addressed after all. From Hollywood where the top-paid actors are flagrantly paid twice their female colleagues, to music industry majors whose base of female songwriters and composers only covers 13%, nothing much seems changed since that day James Brown used to sing “It’s a man’s world“, back in 1968. Whereas it is not my intention to delve into the cultural, historical and social reasons as to why the situation is still in need of a fix, it is a joy to see that a considerable amount of women (and a few enlightened men) are trying to move towards a direction of awareness by offering stages and voices to a long list of talented female artists. 

Giddy Aunts Productions is one of those entities aiming towards that specific direction of awareness. A London-based group of international female; DJs, artists, performers, musicians, film makers, theatre directors and producers, photographers and many more, the aim is to unite and support female artists in a friendly environment, also offering the attendees chances of collaboration and networking.

Their most recent pop up event took place at the Upstairs at The Ritzy on Friday January 15, when I had the honour to join and witness some brilliant talent. 

Opening with a series of screenings of short films, animations and cartoons – including pieces by Heidi Carmichael, Jacqueline Haigh, Georgina Ferguson, Lana Abdelhady, Penny Hilton, Dagmara Rudkin and Clare Skillbeck Edgar, the evening took a more lively spin when, after Shazea Quraishi‘s poetry moment, the stage welcomed the first round of comedy.

The enthusiastic energy of american burlesque performer Loretta Von Dini took the stage by storm just before comedian Joy Carter delighted us with an amusing piece based on the Black Swan, including a hilariously clumsy version of the ballet originally performed by Natalie Portman in the movie finale. 

The gig grew more and more interesting with the two main music acts. First it was time for nu jazz singer Faye Patton, whose unique soulful voice texture and intense interpretation heated up the atmosphere in the venue. Then the moment arrived for producer, DJ, songwriter, vocalist Lazy Hammock to take charge of the microphone and deliver a set of six tunes, accompanied by Patton at the guitar. Hammock is clearly one of those artists able to communicate through their art by exposing their souls to the audience with purity and intensity. Her ease on stage is no surprise considered her background in the music industry, her voice a less sophisticated, truer version of Sade’s. Hammock has already released 5 albums and is currently putting together her sixth work, which I am personally looking forward to.

After a short break, it was the time for another highlight of the evening, when Austrian actress, writer and stand up comedian Alice Frick took the microphone and delighted us with her brilliant selection of jokes and lines on being an Austrian abroad, also showcasing great improv abilities when one member of the public started interacting with her on an off topic. Frick is a natural born comedian whose stage presence adds likability to a character who guarantees a great deal of fresh, hilarious entertainment. After Frick, it was time for Loretta Von Dini‘s amusing burlesque show infused with some magic flare.

Charmaine Wombwell was next introducing the hilarious Scarlet Shambles: It Used to be Me, a musical dark clown solo show that points out Wombwell’s enormous talent as a multi-faceted performer.

The last act of the evening, before giving way to the mixology g house and liquid drum and base of DJ Queen and DJ Sexyrubbersoul who rocked the dance floor for the rest of the evening, was Frick’s burlesque busker and comedian alter ego Melody Von Trapp, delivering once again a hilarious performance that included playing the saxophone. 

The next Giddy Up pop up event will be in Soho, the date to be announced soon. If you want to enjoy an evening of pure entertainment and incredibly talented female artists, follow their Facebook page to be posted on their events HERE >

Gessica Puglielli
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