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Folk Lore live @ The Gallery Cafe in London

FolkLore at the Gallery Cafe photos by Katherine Rothman

The 13th of February marked my first experience of Folk Lore night at The Gallery Cafe, and I settled in for a relaxing evening with a beer and a (really tasty) slice of pizza. First to take to the stage was Sam Ford, a musician from East Sussex who was “obsessed by and immersed in music” from a young age, and his enthusiasm shows in the obvious commitment and passion towards his music. Ford’s voice achieves the kind of powerful vulnerability that catches you off guard, surprising you at every turn. His moody vocals are offset by sophisticated rhythms that permeate the heart of each song to create tunes that will stick in your mind for days. Next to take to the stage, singer songwriter Andrew Butlerjoked that he wasn’t sure he could follow Ford’s performance, but he needn’t have worried because as soon as he opened his mouth and began to sing, the audience were gripped. Butler’s voice is the kind that forces you to sit up and take notice; the melancholic depth of his vocals create a power that is strengthened in their juxtaposition with the stark fragility of his lyrics.

Dan Korn ended the night perfectly with his softly upbeat melodies laced with strikingly delicate lyrics. However, Korn’s gentle approach often tricks you into a false sense of security that is shattered with the ferocious honesty of his words, heightening the raw power of his vocality. I challenge you to listen to this guy’s music and not enjoy it. Folklore is an incredible place to showcase London’s abundance of talented emerging artists, and The Gallery Cafe is the perfect venue to host such an intimate, exciting experience. If you want to discover new talent, connect with the community, or simply have a bite to eat, Folklore at The Gallery Café is the place for you.


Alex Hayden

Give me some strong coffee, good grub and a great show and I’ll be happy. Former writer at Time Out Australia.