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Har Mar Superstar Live @ Scala

Har Mar Superstar live photos by Antonio Lucà for

Score: 7/10

Har Mar Superstar’s funky soul is irresistible… you can try not to move, keep your feet from dancing, but it is physically, simply impossible. Almost as hard as trying to resist Har Mar’s charm, and all the gorgeous women in the audience cooing over him seem to know that quite well. Sean Matthew Tillman, 35, performed his last UK show in London on November 26 at the Scala in King’s Cross, literally driving the crowd crazy.

Supported by Lizzo’s mesmerising raw rap and powerful voice – a true talent and a promise for the hip hop world which I predict will hit the big audiences soon – Har Mar presented an outrageously funny show. While they differ in style, both Har Mar and Lizzo share the same provocative attitude and sexual innuendos along their performances, and when they are joint together on stage for Har Mar’s show the artistic chemistry jumps to extremely high levels of enjoyability and sets new standards.
Few minutes after Lizzo’s opening performance along with GRRRL PRTY’s charismatic member Sophie Eris, Har Mar walked on stage wearing a white tussled leather jacket with a black hoody underneath, opening with the Stevie-Wondery “Transit”, followed by the more electronic everybody-dance “Girls Only” and the explosive duet with Lizzo on “DUI”.

With the more mature soul of “Lady You Shot Me” and “Prisoner” from his latest album “Bye Bye 17”, and Har Mar getting rid of his clothes song by song, the show got even more engaging, proving Har Mar is a hell of a singer and a consummate showman. It was during Gilbert O’ Sullivan’s cover “Alone Again” that he asked permission to jump into the crowd and performed the whole song walking among the audience and frenzied girls who hugged and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.
A brilliant entertainer as he is, he performed half of the song “Almond Joy” with his head upside down making it look as easy as breathing… Just before it was time for “Tall Boy”, which literally drove the crowd crazy.

Har Mar is an intelligent and provocative showman, a nice guy who enjoys performing without taking himself too seriously, while his talent is surprisingly and undoubtedly brilliant.

Girls Only
Lady, You Shot Me
Power Lunch
Restless Leg
Everywhere I’m Local
Body Request
Alone Again (Gilbert O’Sullivan cover)
Almond Joy
Late Night Morning Light
Tall Boy
We Don’t Sleep

EZ Pass
Don’t Make Me Hit You

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday Acapella (Boyz II Men cover)

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