Introducing Canadian Band Walk North

On a warm, sunny, August afternoon on the outskirts of Bathalia, Portugal three wayward journeymen, distrustful and unsatisfied with the current state of angry white boy rock, decided to finally do something about it, and thus Toronto’s ‘Walk North’ was born.

For over a decade Walk North’s members have been at the forefront of Canada’s music scene through various projects, including cult punk enforcers- Anagram.
It also finally re-unites Cuff The Duke founding members Jeff Peers and Brad Fudge, which when complimented by David Marques, creates the perfect combination for taking on this cruel damp world.

Walk North is many things, but is dedicated to tight grooves in awkward time signatures,unwavering tempos, bleeding walls and melting faces. A tightly wound antagonistic algorithm of devastating consequence, this is a sound built for the impending apocalypse.

Presenting you with a debut album that is savage, raw, and organic, it’s 9 tracks capture an intense, gritty sound, full of rage and acceptance; that somehow manages to be both re-assuring and disorienting.

You can listen to the album in full below:

Kat Harlton
Kat Harlton is the founder of The Harlton Empire and a Canadian media liaison with expertise in music promotion,social media and public relations. In the past 5 years, she has worked with some of the most talented artists in the Toronto music scene, and booked and/or co-promoted shows at some of Toronto’s best venues. Kat holds a diploma in Theatre Arts from Fanshawe College and is an active volunteer for numerous local Toronto causes and organizations. Kat’s been a guest contributor for BlogTO, blogs on social media & radio for SoCast SRM and reviews live shows and albums for Lithium Magazine. She’s passionate about supporting the indie art & entertainment scene and you can find out more about her here: