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Introducing HerVoice: The new web series for talented women

Brought to you by Rebel Rebel Music Magazine, HerVoice is a web series that focuses on female talents through video interviews with musicians, singers, actresses, comedians, film makers, writers, artists, dancers and all those women who work in an industry that – like many others – sees an embarrassing gap between the opportunities that are given to men and women.

HerVoice is created, written and directed by our founder and editor Gessica Puglielli.

Watch the trailer (short version):

The idea of the HerVoice Project was born from the desire to give more space to female artists. We do love male artists too, but as our dear fellows are given plenty of attention by default, we need a dedicated space where all the efforts, time and energy are focused on outstanding female talents that are too often gender-discriminated.

Lots of incredibly talented women have already chosen to be interviewed for HerVoice, which will be officially launched with episode 1 on April 18, 2016.

If you are a talented woman and work in the entertainment industry get in touch with the lovely staff of HerVoice to be featured as the next guest on the show.

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