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Jazzanova live @ Village Underground in London

Jazzanova live in London - photos by Oscar Tornincasa http://photoblog.oskaro.it - www.rebelrebelmusic.com

Village Underground is a small little space but it is definitely a gem in Shoreditch, perfect venue for jazz gigs, the atmosphere is just right. The night started off with the soulful Zara McFarlane as the opening act. Zara has such an exquisite and versatile vocal that her performance on songs such as “Open Heart” and “Angie La la” from her latest album is absolutely mind-blowing, she is definitely one rising star not to be missed in the jazz music scene.

Berlin-based Jazzanova has returned to London once again, featuring Paul Randolph on vocal. The energy in the house was exceptional once they appeared on stage. Their music is a blend of many styles, the mix of jazz sound, soul and catchy dance broken beats worked its magic brilliantly. Jazzanova has produced several records over the years and their styles keep on evolving, one thing for sure is that their live performance would not disappoint anyone. As the pioneer of its genre, they are keeping themselves innovative and dynamic, not only did they play great easy listening tunes like “I Human” and “I can see”, their free improvisation on songs was very playful, eclectic, which really showcased in songs such as “Boom Clicky Boom Klack!” and “Flash Back”. The mixing was incredibly well and entertaining, that also had to give credit to the vocalist Paul Randolph who certainly knew how to keep the house uplifted. This 9-piece collective definitely rocked the night.

Poyan Chan
I am Poyan Chan, a visual effects artist from Hong Kong, now based in London. I believe art appears in any forms, it is in paintings, writings, films, photos, and certainly in music. I love the idea that art is the creation inspired by life experience, and yet it transforms itself to surprise and inspire the others, essentially become part of our life. That is why I engage in the creative industry, I have participated in the post-production of numerous commercial films and adverts, I also got involved in several art exhibitions in the past. Outside of work I sketch, I take photos, hug my guitars, and occasionally I write. My music choice ranges from indie, alternative rock, grunge, folk to recently jazz and soul. To me nothing is underrated. We just have to get the unheard heard. That is what we are here for. Let the inspiration begin.