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Leon Else live @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

Leon Else live in London photos by Oscar Tornincasa for

Score: 7/10

You would never imagine a 24 y.o. white guy from Kent could possess so much Soul in his veins. One of the best aspects of doing this job is finding yourself in front of some of the greatest talents before the world knows it.
Forget Robin Thicke of Justin Timberlake, with Leon Else it was clear straight away: he’s about to become the next huge pop-star.
His new single “Protocol” (imagine James Blake with Michael Jackson’s vibes) has that kind of addictive melody and slick lyrics that have made great some of the most popular tunes in pop music. A former dancer, Else has what they call “the whole package” to be projected on top of the Olympus of mainstream music: perfectly trained vocals with a wide range of octaves, fit body with a face that will drive girls crazy, he moves on stage like he’s born there, his music being a mix of soul, R&B and electronic. Leon first attracted the interests of the music business aged 21 years, when, armed with his first Macbook Pro and Garage Band, he started uploading melodies and lyrics to MySpace. Three years on and now signed to Turn First Records, ‘Protocol’ is a faultless example of how singer/songwriter Else’s sound and artistry have developed.

It’s not hard to predict the brightest of futures for him, especially after witnessing his first ever live show in a London club. The occasion was the Gold Dust event at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen presenting several new acts like Claire and Milky Chance. On stage, Else is at home and possesses a quality that is quite rare among today’s pop singers: he can really sing live. The velvety falsetto is warm, morbid, flawless. Songs like “Man In Black” or “Purple Stars” are the best canvas for him to paint on with his colorful voice and explore the relationship with the public through sensual movements and flirting glances.

The whole show by Else was enjoyable and maybe too short for such a fresh talent who you would never be tired of listening to.

Us against the World
Man in Black
Purple Stars
Love Overdose
Beg Steal Borrow

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