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Listen to Tanya Tagaq ‘Uja’ + New Album Animism out in Europe with London show announced

With less than a month until the release of the award-winning new album from Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq, we are delighted to announce a one-off London show at the Village Underground on May 19th.

‘Animism’ is due out Jan 26th via Six Shooter Records & you can stream track ‘Uja’ online now. ‘Uja’ is a fine example of what to expect from the record. Its bold take on avant-garde electronics & radical composition make it a remarkably unique and utterly compelling piece of music.

Listen to ‘Uja’:

On September 22 2014, ‘Animism’ was awarded Canada’s esteemed Polaris Music Prize. In true underdog fashion, Tagaq beat out major high profile names that included Arcade Fire and Drake. Tagaq’s show-stopping performance that evening forever changed the way our Northern neighbors, and many beyond, look at what music can be. Afterward, The Polaris Prize Organization called it “…the most memorable performance in our history of very memorable performances. Epic.”

View Tanya Tagaq’s groundbreaking performance HERE.

‘Animism’ is one of the most startlingly rare, original, powerful and uncategorizable albums to ever break into Canadian popular culture, or any popular culture for that matter. The genre-defying work features Tagaq’s fusion of electronics, avant-garde composition, classical expressionism, Inuit throat singing and highly political undertones, underlining the struggle for Aboriginal rights in Canada. ‘Animism’ is dominated by Tagaq’s vocals; yet features very few lyrics.

Tagaq first appeared on Bjork’s Medulla (2004) album and was featured in a mesmerizing segment of that tour. She has gone on to collaborate with the world-renowned Kronos Quartet and released two Juno-nominated solo records (Sinaa and Auk/Blood).

Album Trailer:

Every so often, an artist comes along who makes us rethink what forms music can take by creating something truly innovative while simultaneously invoking thought, provoking establishment, creating a deeper connection with our surroundings and eliciting a surprising response from within ourselves.Tanya Tagaq’s ‘Animism’ has done just that and it is about to be unleashed here.

See Tanya Tagaq live:

May 19th – Village Undergound, LONDON (Tickets)

‘Animism’ tracklist:

  1.  Caribou
  2.  Uja
  3.  Umingmak
  4.  Genetic Memory
  5.  Rabbit
  6.  Howl
  7.  Tulugak
  8.  Flight
  9.  Fight
  10. Damp Animal Spirits
  11. Fracking


Tanya Tagaq live at the Polaris Music Prize 2014
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