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LITE live @ the Electrowertz + Exclusive Interview

LITE live at Electrowertz Photos by Oscar Tornincasa for

Score: 6.5/10

It’s not easy to describe LITE’s music… post-rock or math-rock? If you love post-rock you’ll certainly love their music and yet they don’t completely fit in that style, not only at least. The Japenese band hit the UK for their worldwide tour and performed live for over 2 hours at the Electrowertz in London on February 15, when we had the chance to have an informal chat with one member of the band, Nubuyuki Takeda, and enjoy their live performance. Here’s what he told us about LITE and their music.

Q: How and when did you form the band?
A: The other guitarist, we have 2 guitarists, we were old friends from junior high, we used to listen to the same music and when we were 23 we founded LITE and the other ones too joined. When we formed the band we played a kind of psychedelic music, all instruments rock music, then I got impressed by Bacchus, they’re getting bigger, and so when they came to Japan I saw them and then we decided to do a different style.

Q: How would you describe your music?
A: The guitar and the bass they do the single melody. I don’t think it’s math-rock, I don’t think, it’s a kind of hard question, it’s not post-rock as well, I don’t think… (thinks). I want it to be unique.

Q: Who writes the songs?
A: We make songs by jamming, sometimes we use logic, sometimes I put a riff here and there.

Q: What’s your favourite place to play live?
A: This is the 5th time we tour outside Japan, the first time we played in Dublin in Ireland, and that was amazing, so many people came to see us, and they knew about us and went crazy, it was the best place.

Q: What do you think of the state of mainstream music industry today?
A: It’s quite hard to survive with music, we don’t get paid to do music, the internet makes it easier to spread the music, and it means that the number of people who are fans of post-rock music is getting bigger, and it’s because of the internet, but at the same time we don’t get paid, it’s kind of weird but in terms of spreading the music internet is pretty good.

Q: How would you describe Installation?
A: The previous album “For all the innocence” is mainly synthesisers sounds, but I thought I couldn’t express all my feelings with synthesisers, so we used less of them, we wanted to use the real instruments. It’s more like human heart. So with “Installation” people can feel that heart in front of their hearts.

Q: What’s your dream achievement as a band?
A: Well, to play in every country in the world, we would like to go to South Africa and South America too.

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