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Live Review – HMLTD, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

HMLTD’s twisted theatrics prove they’re destined to be something big.

Before HMLTD take to the stage there’s a strange feeling in the air, a feeling of anticipation of the insanity that was soon to follow. Despite still being quite under the radar, HMLTD have built up a reputation of delivering a chaotic live shows and this show was no exception.

In a short period of time HMLTD have managed to craft a sound that is completely original to themselves, mixing post punk, nu wave and even dubstep they’ve stood above all London’s other emerging talent. Even the band’s music videos are something of a spectacle, with the video to the bands single ‘To The Door’, seeing them don a space age western theme.

The band take to the stage one by one as the intro to fan favourite ‘Is This What You Wanted?’ begins to creep in and as the song reaches its peak the band show their first display of madness. Vocalist Henry Spychalski spends more time in the crowd than on stage, as the band play through all six songs they currently have online as well as a few currently unreleased songs which sound equally as enticing. Set highlights come from most recent single ‘Satan, Luella and I’, providing the crowd with a rare chance to join in with a sing a long chorus as well as beautifully intense song ‘Stained’, with which the band closed their set.

HMLTD don’t look like a band finding their feet, they look like a band who know exactly what they’re doing. From the moment they stepped onto the stage until the moment that they left the band owned the room, the crowd were hooked on every word that left Henry Spychalski’s mouth and hypnotised by his arms as he conducted all there to witness the bands lunacy like a kind of satanic opera.

A live show this impressive in such an early stage in a bands career only proves HMLTD are not a flash in the pan, they’re a band with an exciting fresh sound and at this rate they’re set to take over the world.

Words by Clayton Shaw

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