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Live Review: Pete Murray @ Scala

Pete Murray live in London photos by Oscar Tornincasa for

First heard of Pete Murray’s debut album “Feeler” back in Australia in 2003, it has quickly become one of my most played albums that summer. Turning his career from rugby playing to music after suffering from injuries, he built his reputation real quick with the release of “Feeler”, which topped the Australian album charts at the time and ultimately received six times platinum status. Achieving similar commercial success with his following albums, Pete Murray is now one of the most recognized singer-songwriters in Australia.

His gig in Scala last week was small but intimate, to many it was a nostalgic experience for some truly Australian indie sound. Murray did not disappoint the crowd at all, he performed almost all the tracks in “Feeler”, including “Bail Me Out”, “Feeler”, “Please”, and of course one of his greatest hits “So Beautiful”, the very single that made his name, with the success of which his career truly took off. Murray’s style has been consistent throughout all of his albums; his songs often display a laid back tone, catchy, upbeat chorus with some very honest lyrics that many can connect to. As easy listening as it is, his music also appears to perfectly capture the essence of Australian landscape and culture, painting a picture full of sunshine and hope, such as that in “Saving Grace”, “Opportunity” and “Better Days”, which he played in the encore session. It is not hard to see why his singles never fail to become local radio hits, this Australian hulk not only is an eye candy, he certainly knows what he is doing.

The overall performance of Pete Murray and his band was fun and entertaining; Murray delivered his best as usual, while terrific drums and lead guitar helped to keep the energy up. To Murray’s fans and listeners of Australian music in general it was definitely a nice revisit of some of the classic hits. To others it would be an evening to just chill and enjoy some refreshing, uplifting vibe from outside the UK.

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