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Natalie Peto | Photographer

My passion for music photography grew out of my early love for rock ‘n roll. The guitars, the attitude, its rebellious nature. It was always my intention to share this love of music with others, by creating compelling images which capture its raw emotion, the unbridled energy, its power. I was inspired not only by the music but also those cult images of Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Springsteen and the Clash. My first concerts gave me the opportunity to watch some of my favourite bands in action and I was in awe of their stage presence, charisma, the soul they injected into their performances. It moved me. So I set out armed with my camera aiming to capture what it is that music stirs in people, what makes it so powerful.
I love exploring the vibrant music scene in London, where I also have the chance to go out to smaller venues and find undiscovered musical talent, to help promote independent music, to document their musical journey in pictures. I live and love to photograph music and I’m trying to keep the spirit of rock ‘n roll alive!