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CD Pre Review: Fall In Love With The World by United Progressive Fraternity


When an album has such a statement as title it can do nothing but inspire a certain kind of curiosity. Honestly, when I was approached to review Fall In Love With World I didn’t know United Progressive Fraternity, but once I listened to the album it was love at first listening. Born from the ashes of Australian prog band Unitopia, UPF is a “not just about music and messages, it’s about uniting people from all sides of life and allowing them to participate in the various albums I create“, in the words of Mark Trueack, who we interviewed on the occasion of the album promotional campaign – READ INTERVIEW HERE.

It would be wrong to define Fall In Love With The World just a progressive rock album as world music, fusion, jazz, hard rock, symphonic suites and classical prog are all cleverly very well balanced throughout the whole CD.

Opening with the majestic cinematic symphony Overture (We Only Get One World), the album unravels through 9 tracks for a total of 69 minutes. While the styles change from song to song, there is a fil rouge in the meaning of the lyrics and the melodies that make the work sound consistent and compact.

The jazzy winds and rhythms of fusion piece Intersection, whose hard rock bridge is a total surprise in the balance of the whole song, represents one of the most interesting moments of the album as well as a chance for Trueack to display his vocal talent. The same style and winds are to be found again in Don’t Look Back – Turn Left, paving the way for what I probably consider one of the greatest prog songs ever written: Travelling Man. With a length of over 21 minutes, this is that kind of song any progressive art rock lover will worship, to say the least. Violins that turn into hard rock guitars before an invasion of winds and exotic flutes alternate moments of warm melodies with angry riffs. While listening to the song the impression is that it gets unbelievably better minute after minute… like the travelling man in the title, the song itself is a journey that takes the listener far away and back home, from ancient celtic atmospheres to the far middle-eastern shores, like in an epic movie scene that you never want to end.

The album closes with the extended version of Water, the first single from the album, a clear statement of how humanity should keep in mind that we need to take care of our planet focusing on the main element that keeps us and all living beings alive.

Fall In Love With The World is a love hymn to unity and positive action, a musical statement packed with great music and enchanting melodies. Make sure you get your copy soon.


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