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Something for your Mind? Listen to Superorganism

Superorganism BandSuperorganism Band

Something for your Mind? Listen to Superorganism.

How often do a new band come along that completely change the way you think?

Superorganism are an eight-piece band based in London and the north east of the USA, fronted by a 17-year-old Japanese American woman. In the three songs currently available by the band they have already proved they have a knack for crafting a memorable pop tune drenched in classic psychedelia with an alternative rock twist.

At the start of 2017, Superorganism released ‘Something for your M.I.N.D’ onto Soundcloud and despite removing it shortly after, the damage was done. From that point onwards the band have ridden a tidal wave of hype and excitement all over the world. The song is back online now, as well as two other songs, ‘It’s All Good’ and ‘Nobody Cares’, the latter is almost 4 minutes of pulsating in your face trippy pop, with standout guitar lines and a severely catchy vocal line. As a contrast ‘It’s All Good’ features a man’s voice narrating the verse, with an uplifting message of self-improvement.

It’s hard to say what other bands or artists have inspired Superorganism, as a psych band they definitely retain elements of the Flaming Lips and Animal Collective but as a pop band they are something different entirely, the band’s sound is completely original. Within the music sits a feeling, a strong emotion that the band convey in every track of pure positivity, in general Superorganism are an extremely euphoric sounding band.

Having just signed a deal with Domino the future looks bright for Superorganism, with upcoming live dates over the coming months in London, Manchester and Leeds as well as a few dates across Europe. Looking ahead 2018 could be a huge year for the band, as more and more people continue to get infected by the extremely contagious sound of Superorganism.

Clayton Shaw
I'm a music journalism student from the north of England. I've had a strong passion for music for as long as I can remember, I love most types of music but alternative music has always been my favourite.