SouLost’s new idea of Rock

SOULOST is the name of the new concept of rock. At least, according to what Stef and Law revealed during the interview they gave me while enjoying a refreshing lager in a pub in central London. The two guys from the city weren’t joined by Ceira, the singer, who was out of the UK, but I had the chance to get a glimpse of the passion that drives these musicians through their dream. Despite their quite dark aspect, the sound in their first single, “Save Me”, is a well-balanced mix of electric guitars and dubstep. Young music fans are surely going to love their sound. Remember to “social-network” them and listen to their music on their official website.

Q: Where does the name SOULOST come from? Why did you choose this name?
Stef: The name “SouLost” comes from the fusion of the words “Soul” and “Lost” and it represents a deep sense of not belonging, in which the loss of the soul doesn’t necessarily have a transcendental meaning, but it mostly expresses a nihilistic form of disenchantment.
I chose this name because the 2 words “Soul” and “Lost”, combined in this specific way, sound exactly like “So Lost”, which simplifies the concept I explained above.
Both Law and Ceira liked this name and the meaning behind it so we decided that it had to be our name.

Q: Who is SOULOST? Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Law: Of course: Stef on guitars, myself ,Law, on drums and Ceira is the voice.

Q: When did you start making music and when did you come up with the idea of founding the band?
Stef: I started at the age of 15 and after playing in several cover bands I realised that I wasn’t artistically fulfilled and I felt the need to found a band that could give me, and the other members of the group, the chance to express ourselves as artists.
Law: I started playng drums at the age of 13 and honestly the main idea was to get in a band almost immediately.

Q: Is there any particular artist that inspire your music?
Stef: My biggest inspiration has always been Prince, but in several years of music I’ve been listening to so many bands and artists that I believe I’m subconsciously inspired by each and every piece of music I’ve ever listened to.
Law: I don’t take inspiration from any artist in particular… I suppose the music I love influences me and the way I play my instrument in a natural way.

Q: How would you describe your music?
Stef: The new idea of rock
Law: Raw, powerful and melodic at the same time.

Q: Who writes the songs?
Stef: I write the songs myself, then I work together with Law on the arrangement and production before involving Ceira who adds her own personality and passion to the tracks.

Q: Are you working on a new CD, is there any way the audience can get a pre-listening of your songs?
Law: Yes we are, in the mean time you can listen to “Save Me” on our Soundcloud channel. You can also find a link on our main Facebook and twitter profiles.

Q: Any plans of touring?
Stef: Absolutely. We are setting up a tour in the UK to promote our upcoming EP and we are also considering some possible dates in the rest of Europe.
It all depends on the support we get at this stage from people all over Europe so….keep on supporting the SouLost!! (laughs)

Gessica Puglielli

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