Stupid “Music” for stupid teenagers: how Nicki Minaj and Co. ruined the image of black people in the world

We just saw the new video “Anaconda”, by the incompetent black rapper Nicki Minaj, and we are annoyed and appalled. The video is set into a jungle, with the usual banal references to sex and easy money, infested by women that, like animals, move their butts into a bestial mating ritual. Nicki Minaj, as usual, squeals like a horrible pig dressed in a Christmas tree moving her big ass during the entire nonsense, surrounded by her horny cows in this public display of dementia, the “lyrics” saying things like “This dude named Michael used to ride motorcycles, dick bigger than a tower”, and “oh my gosh look at her butt, he love this fat ass”, and so on. That’s it, even worse than the most trash Rihanna and Beyonce videos.
More than 54 million people watched this trash on youtube and this vulgar old bear keeps selling albums while real musicians and artists all around the world struggle to emerge. That’s why indifference is not an option anymore. Nicki Minaj and people like her should stop doing business and be sent to their right place in the potato industry (or tomato if you want). The worst thing about their success among teenagers is that they’re not only creating new generations of stupid robots without personality, they are also destroying the image of black people around the world. Through their songs and videos, black people, especially women, are portrayed as selfish, stupid, sex and money oriented, in a world where cocaine, big cars, big butts and muscles seem the only values. And even worse, hordes of teenegers see themselves in this dementia, in a horrible atrocity exhibition where the more shallow you are, the more you are cool and belonging to a group. That’s really disgusting, Minaj and people like her are destroying everything black artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Gloria Gaynor and others achieved in popular music. These artists tried with their efforts to redeem black people from centuries of racism and stereotypes, but Minaj and the other cows like her are just pushing the clock backwards, creating new stereotypes and feeding a new generation of listeners with no brain. What to say? we found out that she’s from Trinidad. She should be ashamed, she’s from the Caribbean, where Nobel Prize Derek Walcott and many other black artists are from. But like other stupid “singers” like her, she doesn’t care, and even her followers seem to be completely anesthetized and careless. And maybe, many of them, are complaining about a racist world, or blaming the system for trapping them in stereotypes. To these people we would like to say wake up, you live in the internet era, you have plenty of choices and alternatives to this shit, stop being lazy and try to be human beings different from each other. Stop using your butts like Nicki Minaj, start using your brains.

Alessandro Capuano
My name is Alessandro Capuano and I live in London. My education includes a Master of Arts in Cultures and Literatures in English and Postcolonial Studies and a qualification in Film Directing, with the production of screenplays and short-films. I also love writing. In 1999 I published a horror novel, “De Profundis”, and since 2004 I have my own website, “alexvertigoworld.tripod.com”, wich includes my music and film reviews. My passion number one is Music, especially ‘70s Rock. My favourite groups are The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Can, and Neu!, and my favourite pop-rock icon is David Bowie. In 2005 American and English Postpunk became my major area of interest, so I love Public Image Ltd, Pere Ubu, The Residents and many others.