The Future’s bright for The Citizen

Italian indie rock band The Citizen took the time to grant us an interesting interview about their upcoming album and tour dates. Their first 3 songs on youtube totalled over 6000 views and it looks like the future is bright for these 4 guys from Salerno, who deliver quite a great sound that reminds of Muse. Stay tuned for further exciting news about them on their Facebook page.

Q: What made you decide to sing in English?
A: As predictable as it may sound, most of the groups that inspire us are English… also, we are willing to reach a wider audience than just local (Italian).

Q: Who are The Citizen?
A: Just four guys who love playing and have a passion for music… like many others in the world…

Q: When did you start making music and when was the band founded?
A: We have been playing for several years now (on our own), but we started as a band three years ago… unfortunately, there have been some line-up changes, so the project kind of slowed down, but now we are back on track and this train is not going to stop any soon.

Q: Which artists do inspire you?
A: Well, that’s not an easy question… each one of us has his own music background… but, if I may, I’d say that:had Muse never existed, Ciro would have never started singing…had The Police never started making music, Franco wouldn’t be playing bass now…hadn’t been for Jimmy Hendrix, Noam would have never got interested in playing guitar…had Led Zeppelin never been who they are, Roberto wouldn’t be playing drums…

Q: How would you describe your music?
A: You should ask our fans, they surely know how to answer this question. We try to stay open to different styles, one single genre would be limiting.

Q: Who writes the songs?
A: Well, you know what they say… great artists steal good ideas from others, and we kinda are great artists…. (laughs).

Q: Have you released a CD yet? Where can readers listen to your music?
A: We’ll be starting recording sessions on June 29th to finish up the remaining tracks of our brand new EP. For now, three of our old tracks can be checked on our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Q: Are you planning a tour?
A: Not right now as we are totally focused on finishing up the album. We might anyway plan some gigs shortly.

Q: What’s your opinion on today’s music situation?
A: If you consider the underground, non-mainstream (especially English) scene, there are lots of interesting musicians. On the other hand, mainstream scene only offers commercial choices, and that’s a different matter…

Q: Any long and short term plans?
A: Short term, to finish up our new album, which will be titled… sorry, no spoiler. Long term, to do some gigs in UK… and who knows, maybe one day at the Wembley Arena, like The Queen.

Gessica Puglielli
Visual/Web Designer, Digital Marketing Strategist born in Lecce (Italy), I currently live in London. Between 1998 and 2005 I collaborated with Michael Jackson’s staff and in 2000 I had a meeting with the man himself. I founded Rebel Rebel in 2013 and so far it has been an exciting journey. Some of my favourite artists include Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Skunk Anansie, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Archive, Kraftwerk, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Anthony & The Johnsons, Gazpacho, The Maccabees, Led Zeppelin, Brian Eno, Beethoven, Bjork, Steve Wonder and many others. I feel a deep connection to animals and Mother Nature, which led me to choose a vegan lifestyle. I like playing electric guitar, photography, cinema, art, entertainment, travelling, playing tennis and browsing London.