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Track-by-track pre-review of Morrisey’s upcoming new album


World Peace Is None Of Your Business is Morrissey’s tenth studio album, to be released July 15th.
The first track immediately starts of with “World Peace Is None Of Your Business”, and Morrissey’s melodic voice carries you through the rest of the song. It has a nice guitar solo about three quarters of the way through which gives the song a nice rocky edge to it. This song says many truths in a beautifully arranged way. It feels like the whole song is filled with sarcasm, which seems to be typical of Morrissey when listening to his other songs.
Neal Cassady Drops Dead” starts of very rocky, it’s almost too in your face. But once you become desensitised to the initial shock of the song it becomes a very nice listen. This song feels like it’s more about the music, Morrissey’s voice is lost in this track and you end up not realising someone is singing.
I’m Not A Man” starts off slow and a bit sinister, it remains this way for a minute and a half, but stick with it because I guarantee it does pick up and the sinister start becomes clear in the lyrics. This seven minute song ends quite psychedelic and also a bit disturbing, but I guess it represents the end of the song’s story.
“Istanbul” is just as miserable as any other song Morrissey has done but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good and strangely uplifting listen. Again this song produced a number of images in my mind and the the story of the song gets played quite clearly, there aren’t that many metaphors to look out for in this track. But the instrumentals are good and it does start to give your chest that little lurch that tells you when you are listening to a good song.
Earth Is The Loneliest Planet” sounds intriguing by looking at the track name, but in my opinion it’s quite boring and you feel like you’re getting the message of the song shoved down your throat. It sounds a bit pretentious which made me not want to listen to anymore after the chorus and was glad the song was only three and a half minutes long.
Staircase At The University” is also more rocky, the only other thing to say about this song is that it is very relatable to a lot of students. I think a lot of people have felt the same way the subject of the song did in this.
“The Bullfighter Dies” is a short song in this album at only two minutes long. The song title describes the theme of the song and Morrissey basically sings what everyone else is thinking. The animal always gets the most sympathy.
KIss Me A Lot” sounds more uplifting and you can recover from the depressing slump we appear to be in at this point in the album. It does cheer you up a bit, I can definitely see myself listening to this song again. This song comes just in time as the previous two songs can leave you feeling very down about the world.
Smiler With Knife” is a slow moving song, but it is nice to listen to, its very soft to the ears and it doesn’t preach a particular emotion. Which is very much needed as I am feeling very drained at this point in the album.
Kick The Bride Down The Aisle” seems to be another statement song. You can’t really get anything out of this song other than the fact that it seems Morrissey is opposed to marriage. It’s a pretty meaningful song and if it was the first song you heard on a particular day it would leave you thinking about the concept and the point of marriage, but as the tenth song on the album you just settle with letting the song go over your head.
Mountjoy” starts to wind the album down. Its acoustic sound is easy to listen to. It’s less “offensive” than the rest of the album so it provides a light relief to the head if you aren’t a regular Morrissey listener and you haven’t grown accustomed to his style of music.
Oboe Concerto” the last song on the album. Its a relatable track of having a song you can’t stand stuck in your head. As a last song its good but for me it didn’t leave me wanting more. I was not reaching for the replay button.
Overall the album started good, but halfway through it became very depressing and that’s not really for me. I prefer to feel better after I’ve listened to an album not worse. I know some people will love this album and if you are a big Morrissey fan you probably will like this album. It is slightly controversial and shows that Morrissey is not afraid to say what he thinks (as we all know).

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