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CD Pre Review: Breaking And Shaking by Linnea Olsson


Recently released Ep “Breaking and Shakingis a new album from Linnea Olsson – who has recently performed alongside Peter Gabriel in his latest Tour – and is available to purchase now. Her full length album will be available to buy in late winter 2015.
As soon as I heard this album it immediately reminded me of Haim. Their style is recognisable throughout the album, especially on the track “Breaking and Shaking”. However this doesn’t lose the credibility of this artist. She can hold a song on her own and still gives us the levels of diversity in her songs that are apparent in Haim. And there are three of them. “Breaking and Shaking” is a really good up-beat song that you can really get into on a first listen. Her lyrics bounce off her mouth as she sings them. The increase in tempo of the word Breaking and Shaking are what really give this song interest and also similar to Haim’s stopping and starting style. This song feels like it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the music video is so quirky that you start to fall a little bit in love with Linnea, not many people are comfortable to just do a random dance on their own for their music video, so I applaud her for that.
Yes I Did Go There” is also a good song, it’s less Haim like than “Breaking and Shaking”. This song has a really good beat, it’s what is most recognisable about this song when listening to it multiple times. You hear it underneath the cello and her voice, it’s the backbone of the song and it definitely gives the track its strength. This song isn’t as catchy as “Breaking and Shaking” but it has its own stamp within the album and it links with the theme of the album.
The theme is another factor that I really like in this album, she has tied everything together and linked the album cover with the softness of her voice and the vulnerability of her songs. This album is really one for those days when you just want to relax and just listen to good music without anything too heavy that could make you feel too much.
Overall this Ep is good. I’m hoping that the rest of the songs are more like “Breaking and Shaking” as this is the one I remember after the album has ended. The others although good don’t hit me as much as this song did, although this could just be a matter of preference. I would recommend that if you’re a Haim fan you should listen to this as there are a lot of similarities so this would be a nice addition to your music collection.

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Melissa Evans
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