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CD Review: July Talk by July Talk


Five piece garage- indie rock band July Talk will release their self-titled debut album in September 2014  through Sleepless Records/Polydor. This band has two lead singers Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay.
What I like about this band is the contrast between the two singer’s voices. Dreimanis has a very aggressive raspy voice that fills your ears and Fay has a softer tone to her voice that is able to even out the power from Dreimanis’ voice.
“Paper Girl” is one of the more catchy songs from the album. It displays a power play between the two voices. The chorus shows a less rocky theme to the song which allows it to be an easier listen and provides a more upbeat and easily likeable feel to the song. I really like how the soft instrumentals in this song build up into a more intense, louder beat that increases as the song reaches its climax. It really shadows the mood of the singers well.
This is a fairly short album, with half the songs being under three minutes. So if you don’t like a song, at least it’s over quickly. It doesn’t feel like they’ve cut anything short though. It feels like the stories they are telling just happen to be short, like flashes of emotion recorded. They don’t try to hang around, it’s not candy coated and the fieriness of the songs don’t really beg to be fleshed out.
The more you listen to this album the better it gets, it takes a while to get used to the ‘in your face’ aspect to this album. However, towards the end of the album the songs tend to merge together and none really stand out as memorable. They don’t really beg to be played again and you’re not left feeling that what you just listened to was an amazing song.
“Blood + Honey” is the only other song on the album that had a particular appeal to me. It was edgy and it was like they really sunk their teeth into the song. It is rocky, soft and has grit. The chorus is nice and catchy and you will find yourself singing it in your head after a listen.
Overall there are a few good songs in this album, but the album tracks aren’t really anything special, they are fairly good songs that you probably wouldn’t turn off if they came on, but you wouldn’t reach for them to listen to either.


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