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CD Review: Between The Shadow And The Soul by Anna Phoebe


Anna Phoebe is one of those musicians who have dedicated their life and heart to Music. Her new album Between The Shadow And The Soul is her third studio album as a soloist and probably her most mature work so far, where grandeur and magnificence merry melody and drama in a constant twist of musical weaves. The listener here is taken from the far lands of Arabia to the celtic atmospheres and back to gipsy shores: In few words, World Music rather than Progressive, although her previous works and past collaborations with Jethro Tull and Trans Siberian Orchestra earned her a warm welcome in the progressive community.

Between The Shadow And The Soul unravels through 10 tracks for a total of 47 minutes, featuring Ian Anderson on one of the (best) tracks in addition to long time super talented collaborator Nicholas Rizzi. The instruments on the album are very well balanced as the violin never wears out or drowns out the rest of the arrangements. Evocative and powerful, this is an album you will feel compelled to listen to from the very first note. You will be hooked only to find out that the journey you have just begun will get better and better. Moments of explosive emotions will follow and intertwine with relaxing Tabla beats and her violin will sing to you, make love to you and leave you wanting more.

Whole, compact, consistently vibrant and lush, Between The Shadow And The Soul is a gracious jewel adorned with the most precious music delicacies.

If you love your ears, get yourself a copy of this masterpiece.


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