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Live review: Jaga Jazzist at the Electric Brixton

Jaga Jazzist live in London - Photo copyright by Oscar Tornincasa for rebelrebelmusic.com

Date: November 5, 2015
Venue: Electric Brixton

Jaga Jazzist, one of the most prominent experimental jazz bands from Norway, has just returned to London on 5 November. Showcasing their fifth studio album “Stardust”, they performed a specular show effortlessly at Electric Brixton.

It is no surprise that Jaga Jazzist stands out from all other acts in the vibrant nu-jazz scene in Scandinavia, especially if you have seen them live, there is no other band sounding like it, Jaga Jazzist is truly exceptional, breaking all boundaries of jazz. Featuring by various instruments such as trumpet, trombone, bass clarinets, electric guitar, flute, keyboards, saxophone, synth and tuba, each piece from the band was so rich and playful, as a live performance for instrumental music you can never get any more entertaining than what Jaga Jazzist can deliver. Its energy on stage was simply eccentric, and yet you cannot help but admire the complexity of each piece, how the mix of electronic and acoustic components synchronized one another perfectly and created such a sensational multi-layering quality. Meanwhile the clever use of strong melodic tunes and seamless transitions of series of repetitive rhythms formed the band’s iconic cinematic style, a totally unique, aesthetic approach for jazz music like no other.

The impressive song composing and innovative instrument arrangement are abilities that prove Jaga Jazzist has what it takes to stay at top of the game after over 20 years in business and they are not going to stop from here.

Photo gallery by Oscar Tornincasa:

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