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Live Review: Russian Red @ The Lexington in London

Russian Red live in London photos by Poyan Chan

Russian Red, a name that might still be new to some, but she has already been one of the most renowned artists in Spanish music scene. The voice behind Russian Red is Lourdes Hernández. a charming lady from Madrid, Spain. Known as the Spanish Feist, Russian Red first gained her recognition after her demos got sensational hits via MySpace in 2008. Since then she has been performing in many festivals, drawing wide audience base throughout Europe, all the way to America and even as far as Asia.

It is not a surprise to Russian Red’s success. Not only she is looking adorable, her talent is undeniable. She has a very sweet and unique voice, full of personality; whilst the style of her music is often direct, poignant, affectionate, capable to resonate many’s hearts. Despite being a Spanish, Russian Red composes and sings all her songs in English, which seems to come naturally to her and definitely makes her music more accessible internationally. She is simply a complete package that you cannot help falling in love with.

Interestingly listening to Russian Red live is quite a different experience from that through her records. While most of Russian Red’s songs have a hint of sorrow and loneliness, her live performance showed the opposite. She appeared very much at ease and cheerful on stage, adding lightness to her songs. It is almost like interpreting her songs for the second time, there was less melancholy, more playfulness. As in her songs progressing into the next stage, instead of drowning in pure sadness there was a sense of looking back to the past as an outsider and letting go, giving more depth to each song.

It is delightful to see Russian Red in one of her two gigs in Lexington in the month. For those who are in London and have missed the gigs last week, you can still catch her together with many other artists in Jazz Cafe on the night of 15 May, which would be the Wrap Party for Camden Create Festival 2014.

Poyan Chan
I am Poyan Chan, a visual effects artist from Hong Kong, now based in London. I believe art appears in any forms, it is in paintings, writings, films, photos, and certainly in music. I love the idea that art is the creation inspired by life experience, and yet it transforms itself to surprise and inspire the others, essentially become part of our life. That is why I engage in the creative industry, I have participated in the post-production of numerous commercial films and adverts, I also got involved in several art exhibitions in the past. Outside of work I sketch, I take photos, hug my guitars, and occasionally I write. My music choice ranges from indie, alternative rock, grunge, folk to recently jazz and soul. To me nothing is underrated. We just have to get the unheard heard. That is what we are here for. Let the inspiration begin.