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EP Review: Afterlight by Nanaki


I wouldn’t define “Afterlight” a proper EP: I would rather call it a “playful diary”, white pages in which Nanaki could write down his (their?) thoughts. He surely has listened to a lot of music and it seems like he felt the urge to play most of it during this 5 tracks EP. So if you’re looking to spend circa 30 minutes of your life listening to some instrumental stuff, this is the right choice: you will find songs that stretch from garage to space rock, from hard rock to indie with bits of psychedelia here and there. Beware: all the above in each single track. The overall production is quite cheap and DIY and even if this somehow works fine for the indie parts of the album, it totally doesn’t help the rare epic moments: I personally love instrumental music, but, in this case, even if there are flashes of tasty ideas, it never catches my ears enough not to miss some vocal parts. Last but not least: “Antisocial media” and “Fuck Spotify”? I don’t think that being an internet rebel – the same internet you’re asking exposure to –  can help anymore. It reminds me of that guy who earns money on Spotify just uploading  tunes titled after the most used tags: tricky and already done. Did you Nanaki want me to read your diary again and again? Not this time, sorry.

Cotgark has started his journey through space and time years ago and he doesn’t know his destination yet nor when all this will come to an end. This kind of travel, as you may imagine, may become quite boring after a while. That’s why he usually spends most of his time in a bathtub listening to music, which easily makes him more bored.